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Bus from La Paz to Lima (Peru)

La Paz to Lima

Lima is a big city with some modern architecture and a large international airport. It is a long trip by bus from La Paz to Lima. I bought a ticket in La Paz all the way to Lima but when I got to Puno I realised it was really overpriced.

Lima beach sunset, Barranco

If you want to go by bus from La Paz to Lima I suggest you just buy a ticket to Puno (see La Paz – Puno). Once you arrive in Puno you can find a decent bus to Lima.

I payed for my ticket to Lima in La Paz and realised the cost was very overpriced when I got to Puno. I think I payed close to 500 Bs whereas a ticket to Puno is about 100 Bs and from Puno to Lima about 200 Bs. I also payed for a “Leito” service but was only given that luxury as far a Puno, so the long road to Lima was incredibly uncomfortable.

The same is probably true when going to Arequipa but the difference might not be quite so much as the travelling time is much shorter.

“When entering Bolivia they searched my bag for food items and confiscated some peanuts.”

From Puno you can also go to Cuzco, Nazca, Ica (where you can get a taxi to Huacachina) or Paracas.

In Peru a lot of buses serve you dinner on the bus which is included in the price. I’m not sure exactly when they do or don’t so you should ask when you buy the tickets or enter the bus (‘Van a servir cena?’).

La Paz Terminal

The terminal is fairly central.

If you are arriving in La Paz there are some Minivans and a bus which pass the terminal towards Plaza San Francisco. Or if you walk down the hill from the terminal you will see a main road with lots of Minivans to many different suburbs. If you are going towards the plaza you need to cross the road and catch a van in that direction. Taxis can cost about 10 Bs per person to the city centre.

As most buses arrive in the early morning it is probably safest to take a taxi to your accommodation as the streets are quite empty at this time.

To get to the terminal you can get a Minivan that says “Terminal” in the windscreen or ask a Minivan if it goes near the terminal, “Por la terminal?”.


When I arrived in Lima there is no real terminal. There is a suburb where most bus companies have offices and they will drop you off there. It’s not the safest looking area so you could be best to get a taxi or uber if it’s getting dark.

It’s usually not too far to the Metro line which can take you into the centre near Miraflores or Barranco. To use the Metro you need a Metro Card but if you have the correct change you can ask someone to swipe you through and give them the cash. It’s usually not much hassle for them. Metros can be very packed depending the time of day.

There are also lots of buses around Lima and most say which suburbs they go to on the windscreen. If you get a bus, note that most of the time they want you to enter in the front door and exit out the back door. So if it’s packed you need to slowly make your way to the back during your trip.

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