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Bus from La Paz to Puno (Peru)

La Paz to Puno

Puno is the first stop in Peru from La Paz. From Puno you can go directly to Cuzco or towards Lima. The bus from La Paz to Puno is also a great place to see the famous Floating Islands on Titicaca. 

Floating Islands Puno Lake Titicaca

This is a quick day trip. The border is straight forward and doesn’t take too long. Both Bolivian and Peruvian Immigration offices are in the same building so make sure you pass through both.

When entering Bolivia they searched my bag for food items and confiscated some peanuts. It was no biggie but be aware they don’t want raw fruit and food items getting through.

“When entering Bolivia they searched my bag for food items and confiscated some peanuts.”

In Peru we were told we had to wear our seat-belts. There were also a few checkpoints where some officers came on board and checked for anything suspicious. Eventually we arrived at the little town of Puno.

We also stopped about 20 mins into Peru to exchange cash.

The bus from La Paz to Puno leaves around 7am so ideally you should book your tickets the day before or turn up very early on the morning you want to travel.

If you are going from La Paz to Arequipa or Lima you will want to buy a ticket only as far as Puno. From there you can book the next ticket to your final destination (see La Paz to Lima).

La Paz Terminal

The terminal is fairly central.

If you are arriving in La Paz there are some Minivans and a bus which pass the terminal towards Plaza San Francisco. Or if you walk down the hill from the terminal you will see a main road with lots of Minivans to many different suburbs. If you are going towards the plaza you need to cross the road and catch a van in that direction. Taxis can cost about 10 Bs per person to the city centre.

As most buses arrive in the early morning it is probably safest to take a taxi to your accommodation as the streets are quite empty at this time.

To get to the terminal you can get a Minivan that says “Terminal” in the windscreen or ask a Minivan if it goes near the terminal, “Por la terminal?”.

Puno Terminal

The terminal in Puno is small. It has a couple of cheap restaurants upstairs. You can purchase tickets to Lima, Cuzco, Arequipa, La Paz or Copacabana.

It is fairly central and near the lake. You can get taxis or moto-taxis around the town.

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