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Bus from Santa Cruz to Sucre

Santa Cruz to Sucre

The bus from Santa Cruz to Sucre takes a bumpy road but the 12 hour trip is well worth it to visit the countries original capital Sucre.

San Felipe, Sucre Bolivia

There are many bus companies running this route. Most of them leave at around 6 or 7 pm in both directions.

My favourite company for this route is ‘El Mexicano’. They have a range of buses from cheap with no AC or toilet, mid-range (leito) with reclining seats, AC and a toilet, and the luxury (suite) where you will have enough room to put your seat right back to horizontal.

“My favourite company for this route is ‘El Mexicano’.”

When I travelled by bus from Santa Cruz to Sucre the bus made a pit stop a few hours in for about 15 mins where we could buy a quick meal and use the public toilet for 1 Bs.

Sucre Terminal

The bus terminal is located about 20 mins from the centre or the city. Most taxis will take you to and from the terminal for 5 Bs per person sometimes a little more. You can also take small “micro” buses which will take you there for just 1.50 Bs.

To get from the terminal into the city centre you need to cross the street from the terminal and take the H, A or 3 micro from there.

To get to the terminal you can get the number H, A or 3 micro from Calle Junin in the centre of the city to the terminal. You can ask the driver, “Va a la terminal?”, if you are unsure.

Bear in mind that lots of buses leave around 6 – 8 pm so traffic is slow getting to the terminal. If you are in a rush you should take a taxi but if you have time then allow 30 mins to arrive by micro.

Santa Cruz Terminal

The terminal is fairly central. You can take a number ‘103’ bus to the centre. It stops a couple of blocks from the main plaza. Taxis can cost about 10 Bs per person to the city centre.

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