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Cobija, Pando

Cobija, Pando is not a common stop for most tourists in Bolivia, but nestled in the Amazon and sharing a border with Brasil it can be an interesting gateway to the North-East of the continent.

Cobija travel by Moto Taxi

Getting to Cobija by road is a mission. I’ve been told it would take about 2 days on a dirt-bike from La Paz. That would be an interesting adventure in itself. We chose to fly from La Paz and arrived about an hour later.

Cobija is a small city and most people get around on motorbikes. It can get very hot so you will want accommodation with AC.

As there are not a lot of tourists it is hard to find good information but you can do some tours to the Amazon. You can even get a boat to Manaus in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. From there you can boat to Colombia or Peru.

Cobija Bolivia, travel

If you want to go to Brasil you can walk over the Acre River bridge to Brasileia. The border is not controlled for pedestrians but if you drive over you will be asked the usual questions. From there you can go to Rio Branco where you will find access around Brasil.

Cobija, Pando has a big influence from Brasil and you will hear people speaking Portuguese, so be prepared to learn a few words. There’s also cuisine from Brasil with the most iconic being Açaí. It is delicious and very nutritious.


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