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Copacabana, Bolivia is a peaceful little village on the edge of Lake Titicaca with a lot of local fish served at the restaurants. I suggest eating a fish at one of the small tents on the lakeside. Copacabana is the gateway to Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna.

Copacabana Bolivia Lake Titicaca

I think it gets its name because if you scramble up the hill on the north-east of the village and look over the city, you can see a small resemblance to Copacabana in Brasil. If you don’t like scrambling around steep hills then there is a track to a lookout which we found on our way back down. It is worth the short hike, even at 3812m above sea level.

Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

In Copacabana, Bolivia you can get a ticket to the islands from one of the many tour operators in the village. They have day tours or you can stay at one of the hostels on the islands. We went to Isla del Sol for a day trip and had a good walk around the island. Half the island was closed at the time because of an apparent dispute with the locals. The parts we did see were beautiful and you could easily spend a couple of days or more exploring that half of the island. The boat trip takes about an hour and can be a little windy so take something warm to put on in case.

That is all we did there, when we left we booked a bus to Puno from a small tour agency and left the next day.

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